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“What doesn’t kill us makes them stronger.”

Jimin Blyth

Want to see spit saving lives? 

Sputum is a dirty Dutch science fiction film about love in a hierarchical world, suffocated by a buzzing fungus cloud.

Science fiction is rare in the landscape of Dutch film generally because the genre has an expensive production value or lacks a clever perspective. SPUTUM has a clear and simple approach and a clever production perspective. Think of the ‘Blair Witch Project’, ‘Under The Skin’ with Scarlett Johansson or ‘Pi’ by Darren Aronofsky.

This challenging and experimental science fiction film needs your support to enable us to create something worthy of the idea. This kind of work does not often receive financial support from broadcasters and funding bodies. These kinds of projects often fall between two pillars in spite of the fact that the genre and style is in demand.

If you believe in this world as we do, then we will cultivate it and spit it out for you to behold!

Family b&w 01


If  you trust the Bakelites with € 1000.– or more then you can donate direct to the SPUTUM film project and receive all of the same giftlies from our campaign.

Alternatively you can walk through the Bloom cloud to our crowd funding campaigns where all manner of exclusive slip slap giftlies can be found.

€ 25.– will get you access to our dirtiest web pages and the higher the amount the stickier and more seductive the giftly slip slaps!

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