rules of the world

Antique [(ˌ)an-ˈtēk] n.

High social class; dependent on Bakelite saliva.

Bakelite [ˈbeɪk(ə)lʌɪt] n.

Low social class; varying levels of resistance to the Bloom.

Bloom [‘bluːm] n.

An invisible airborne fungus; feeds on nano bio plastics found mostly in human airways, suffocates its victims.

Famly [famli,ˈfam(ə)li/] n.

Antique biochemical company; milks and refines Bakelite saliva.

Odds [ü-oəds] n.

Saliva; milked from the Bakelites. Also: Dribble, Pheno Odds.

Pheno Odds [fh(ə)nÕ ü-oəds] n.

Strongest Saliva; Also Bloom antidote; milked from the rarest Bakelites. Also: Dribble, Odds.

Rot Powder [‘rät-paʊ-dər] n.

Plastic rubbish disinfectant; Bloom suppressor. Also; addictive drug.

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