Will we prevail? Or will we fail?

The green rainbow represents the positive half of our world’s potential. It wants to connect those who believe in a brighter future, whilst also recognizing that the other half of our future is potentially very dark.

All of those under the green rainbow are connected by their endeavor, ambition, commitment and because they are simply trying to make our world a better place. Some of these organisations and individuals are listed on this page below.

Hope is not enough.

The film Sputum began in 2010, motivated by social, economic and political scepticism and a desire to change our headlong Ecocide. It is thoughtful entertainment, nothing more. But as entertainment it is also meant to bring people closer together; those who are already making positive changes and those who are thinking about making positive changes, maybe even some sceptics.

The Sputum world and our world now.

In the film Sputum, the divided Bakelite and Antique society has become so polarised that the only way for the Bakelites to survive is a form of suicide for the greater good. Driven by self interest and in order to protect themselves and their environment, they must also sacrifice themselves.

In our world now, this is reflected in many things, but mostly in our desire, commitment and ability to change the status quo for the better. In real terms this means us all making significant changes in our own lives for the benefit of us all.

Is this the green rainbow you are looking for?

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